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Logo, web development in Portland Oregon and Billings, MontanaSo how do you know what you're going to get? After all, someone is asking you for thousands of dollars and promising to make your business better. But it's all intangible - there are no tires to kick and no test drives - so you know you just have to take the leap. That's the point that a lot of our prospective clients have trouble with. The good news is that a good web design firm is more than just a good website designer. We are Fossil Graphics - a world class website design and development firm located in Portland Oregon.

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Website Design Costs?

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Fossil Graphics Logo, Portland Oregon website design, web development, seo, Portland, Hood River, Newport, Billings, MissoulaYes and No... I know, I would prefer a yes OR no too. But with this one, there are a lot of answers in between. On one end, there are scads of free stuff everywhere, from free templates as part of your hosting to free CMS software. On the other end are the uber complex, custom websites that only movie studios seem to be able to afford. After all, according to Al Gore, the internet is supposed to be cheap and accessible to all right?

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So You Need A Website...

Ask a Billings website designer about where to start planning your website

Fossil Graphics, Montana website design, web development, seo, Billings, Bozeman, Mizzoulla, Great Falls, HelenaSo you've decided it's time to design a website for your business but you're not sure what's involved? We know a little web design shop in Billings Montana that can help. But, if you're the type that likes to gather information anonymously, here are five things you should think about before you take the plunge:

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