Auto Finanance and Dealer Management Soluiton

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    Auto finance loan origination software

    The site was developed in PHP using a MySQL database. Originally, the project included a public website (pictured here), where dealers could register, a form submission to submit a loan application, and a simple admin screen for loan officers to review the loan.

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    The dealer side

    From there, it grew to include a full dealer administration panel where dealers could easily manage their customers, deals, and sales force. Data structures and code were kept as simple as possible to accommodate an evolving application.

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    The Dealer Side – 2

    Each dealer has a secure portal where all customer information is stored for easy access.

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    Finance company administration

    The finance company needed several levels of access control for different employee roles. The admin portal incorporates all of the tools needed by the company to make credit decisions, communicate with the dealer, and store critical, secure information.

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    Finance company admin 2

    Javascript was used to recalculate all loan parameters according to admin input and to show a graphical display (red, green lights) to aid the loan officer in making credit decisions quickly while mitigating risk.

    On the loan officer side, Trans Union credit reporting was integrated using the Trans Union Net Access API.

The Problem

The finance company needed to provide auto dealers with a way to easily apply for loans through a web based application. The application had to be secure, easy to use, and provide a solid management platform for both dealers and the Finance Company.

The Solution

The decision was made to custom code the entire utility, both from a security and use case perspective. PHP and MySQL were the programming language pair of choice with great support for UX/UI from Javascript and JQuery. cURL and XML were also employed to interface with third party providers and, of course we would be nowhere without HTML and CSS.

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