Custom Administrative Website

A brand new, intuitive administration site was hand crafted in PHP using the Codeigniter framework.

  • Custom coded administration panel

    Information architecture

    Providing users with multiple avenues to find, access, or enter information efficiently, the admin site makes managing lots of data simple.

  • Custom programming PHP

    Intelligent programming

    Intelligent programming, thoughtful planning, and high level execution led to a platform that makes managing huge piles of images and project data a breeze. Take the custom image upload utility, for example. Users can simply select raw images, or even a zip file containing multiple images and image extensions. The system takes care of the rest by making the images web ready behind the scenes.

  • custom ajax application

    Data Handling

    An intuitive interface was required. All types of users, from the most tech savvy to the least, have to be able to use the design gallery. A well planned information architecture, combined with sophisticated use of Javascript and AJAX, lead the user through a simple process.

  • Custom MYSQL website development

    Design Gallery Structure

    The decision was made to utilize an existing MySQL database rather than migrate the data into a new structure. Obviously cost considerations came into play, but the program had to be able to manage existing data, along with a repository of images and documents, and add new projects and project units on a regular basis.

  • web designer lincoln city or

    Design Gallery Administration

    A modern admin dashboard was an essential part of making the design gallery a useful tool. With projects numbering in the 6 digit range, managing all of the data associated with each is an absolute must.

The Problem

An administrative tool was required to manage the huge amount of project data the company has. The tool had to be intuitive, effective and efficient, as well as easy for anyone to use.

The Solution

To save time and money, we decided to use the Codeigniter framework. This meant that we didn’t have to spend time re-writing code over and over again and allowed complete focus on coding the functions and saved the company thousands of dollars in development costs.

fossilgraphicsDesign Gallery Administration