Design Collaboration Utility

The Design Gallery is a custom coded application built from the ground up using PHP/MySQL as the core programming language. Both a front end and an administrative back end were developed, and complete User Access Control features were built in.

  • custom ajax website

    Design Gallery and the History API

    The decision was made early on to favor accessibility. For this reason, a full AJAX application was built and for HTML 5 capable browsers and the HTML 5 History API was used to provide seamless use of native browser navigation (forward, back, bookmarks etc). Alongside this full featured application is a version for older browsers without all of the AJAX and Javascript offering accessibility to users on any system.

  • custom autofill search function

    Design Gallery Auto Suggest Search

    AJAX was also used to power this auto complete/auto suggest quick search feature with Apple style results pane.


The big ask for this project was to restructure data stored in a previously designed database AND write the frontend functions to allow super fast search and display combined with a contemporary user interface.


By re-indexing and mapping data fields in existing database, the query times were reduced by an average of 76%. On the frontend, we combined AJAX and JQuery with a unique filtering system to provide users with an incredibly fast, intuitive search mechanism to locate relevant information.

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