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Website Designer Lincoln City OregonFinding a reliable web designer anywhere is hard but finding local, professional, experienced Website Design in Lincoln City Oregon is next to impossible. Until now! Rick Gentzkow now provides a world class suite of web design, seo and digital marketing services right here in Lincoln City, Oregon. Read on to discover the process behind one of the most successful web design processes available anywhere.

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So how do you know what you’re going to get? You’ve heard you can get a website for free and you also know people who spend thousands of dollars on website design and marketing. But it’s all intangible – there are no tires to kick and no test drives. That’s the point that a lot of business owners have trouble with. The good news is that a good web design firm is more than just a good website designer.

A full service firm takes the time to learn about your business and industry. A good web development firm, like ours in Lincoln City, combines your vision with the right technology, market intelligence, and internet experience to produce a true visual tool that will generate quantifiable returns for your business.

The bad news? Well it’s not really bad but most people are not prepared for the process of working with their creative development team – and it is a process. The result, in my experience, is that a lot of new clients are very defensive going into the process because they just don’t know what to expect. They know they want a great website but they’re concerned about the costs, who owns the site when it’s finished, why are there limits on images, graphics, and revisions in the contract. They wonder if they’re really going to get their money’s worth at the end of the day. So here are just a few pieces of information to help you navigate the process.

  • Ultimately, you’re the winner – The first thing to remember is that your web development team simply receives a fee when they deliver a website for your business. If you have chosen your provider wisely, that tool will last many years and, over that period, your business will benefit from the results that the website generates.
  • We are here to help you – not soak you – A high quality web design firm is here to promote your best interests on the internet. The better we do our job, the better your website will perform. Remember to worry less about a few hundred dollars because and think more about the benefits that addition will bring.
  • Choose Wisely – There are a lot of web designers out there! You can find everything from a high school student to a Madison Avenue Agency to do the work. The expertise and project fulfillment (as well as cost) vary greatly in this range. The important thing is to try and find a person or firm that you trust to deliver what your business needs and then plan your budget accordingly.
  • Go into the process with a clear understanding – Knowing your own business and business model will empower your creative development team to do their best work and provide a huge cost savings. The term “concept creep” is widely used in this industry to describe client’s who don’t go into the process with a clear picture of their own business. Your web developer should help you plan a site that will be effective for your business and put those concepts into a written proposal before the process begins. “Concept creep” is the biggest contributing factor to an over budget project.
  • Provide good feedback – One of your responsibilities to the process is to provide your website designer with good solid feedback. Your ideas are just as intangible to us as our are to you. In order for you to get what you want, be sure to communicate those ideas as well as you can. If you’ve seen ten different concepts and nothing strikes your fancy, you need to spend a little alone time to define the parameters for yourself before we can produce something that will work for you.
  • Do your part – Send us your images, graphics, and content in a timely manner. We often have client’s who call in a distressed state of mind because they have not seen any advancement in a week! We then have to gently remind them that we have not received the assets we need to move forward. A good development team will work very efficiently to produce and launch your website both, as a good service, and to minimize costs. So be sure to write that last page!
  • Relax – As you move through the process, you should become more and more relaxed as you begin to see your “web guy” as more of a partner and ally.

In the beginning, the whole design process is intangible. Who wouldn’t be a little skeptical and defensive? Hopefully you now know a little more about what to expect and can rest easy knowing you’re business is in good hands.

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